Test Your Knowledge about Classic TV Thanksgiving Episodes

1. In Bewitched, where does Aunt Clara send Samantha Stephens and her family to learn a history lesson about Thanksgiving?

2. In the same Bewitched episode from question 1, what "modern" convenience doe Darrin Stephens use that gets not only him but the entire family in trouble with their hosts?

3. In A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, what character was originally not invited to the Thanksgiving festivities?

4. On Happy Days, what cast member cast member gets upset because everyone just wants to watch football on Thanksgiving?

5. On season 2 of The Beverly Hillbillies, what critter does Elly May Clampett befriend that upsets the Clampett's Thanksgiving plans?

6. In The Beverly Hillbillies' 1968 episode, "The Thanksgiving Spirit," characters from what two other rural sitcoms join the Clampett family for a Thanksgiving meal in Hooterville?

7. In the 1962 Mister Ed Thanksgiving themed-episode, what story does Mister Ed tell Wilbur?

8. On The Munsters' episode, "Low-Cal Munster," who orders Herman to lose 100 pounds?

9. What year was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade first broadcast nationally?

10. What character was depicted on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's first giant balloon?

Answers: 1) 1600s Plymouth, Massachusetts 2) Darrin lights a match 3) Peppermint Patty 4) Marion Cunningham 5) a turkey 6) Green Acres and Petticoat Junction 7) What Mister Ed describes as "the real story of Thanksgiving" 8) Dr. Dudley (Paul Lynde) 9) 1947 on NBC 10) Felix the Cat (1927)